Optimization problems in Liner Shipping

Relatore:  David Pisinger - Technical University of Denmark
  martedì 2 maggio 2017 - Minicorso dal 2 al 5 maggio
Corso dal 2 al 5 maggio tenuto dal Professor David Pisinger, Management Science DTU Management Engineering - Technical University of Denmark (Produktionstorvet 426 B, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark)


Professor in Operations Research and Optimization at Technical University of Denmark, and adjoint professor in Computer Science at Unviersity of Copenhagen. He has been leading several projects on martime optimization with leading shipping companies, helping the maritime industry to design and operate their network in a more efficient way. 


In this course we will consider design and operation of transportation networks. Application areas include liner shipping networks, urban bus networks and some variants of distribution networks. The task is to design schedules and routes for ships, busses or trucks that continuously visit ports/stations on a closed round trip. The schedule should make it possible to flow the demand within pre-defined time-limits in the most efficient way.

Starting with some simple models for flowing demand through the network, we add time constraints, and various quality norms. Next, we consider the network design problem, with main focus on liner shipping network design. Several formulations and algorithms are presented and the results are compared for a number of standard-instances from LINER-LIB.
In the last part, we consider various problems related to efficient operation of a network. This includes disruption management,  speed optimization (aiming at reducing fuel consumption while ensuring  promised transportation times), and multimodal transportation (aiming optimizing combined land and sea transportation). Moreover we may look into models for hub location, bunker purchasing and fleet repositioning problems. The course is concluded by a project assignment where the participants can try their solution skills on a some small illustrative instances. />


Optimization in liner shipping
BD Brouer, CV Karsten, D Pisinger
4OR - to appear 2017

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3 marzo 2017

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