First Approaches to the incorporation of Human Factors in Teleoperation of Robots.

Relatore:  Franco Penizzotto - Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina
  martedì 29 aprile 2014 alle ore 16.30 16:15 rinfresco; 16:30 inizio seminario

In teleoperation of mobile robots the operator is remotely located. As a result,

generally the human perception of the remote environment and command execution  are distorted affecting the mission
in a negative way. Although many researchers have proposed a variety of methods for measuring human factors, just a few metrics can be used in control closed loop systems.

In this seminar, some first work related with the estimation and inclusion of humans factors in bilateral teleoperation of mobile robots are presented. The task consist in remotely guiding a mobile robot avoiding collisions. The presence on channel time delay is taken into consideration. Particularly, proposal of metrics to estimate the human command execution and human visual attention are shown. 


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Paolo Fiorini

Data pubblicazione
11 aprile 2014

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