Localisation in algebra and geometry


Serie di tre lezioni: 28/2 (Aula L), 6/3 (Aula G), 13/3/2012 (Aula G), 
inizio ore 14:00

Ring-theoretical localisation is a set of techniques used to invert
elements in a ring. In these lectures we will study these techniques,
starting with commutative rings and with their geometric counterparts,
and we will aim to develop some geometric intuition for localisation
ideas in noncommutative algebra. An essential tool for this will be
the use of torsion-theoretical ideas in the category of modules, to
which a geometric flavour is, therefore, assigned.
Jorge Vitoria - Università di Stoccarda

Data e ora
martedì 28 febbraio 2012 alle ore 14.00 - in Aula L

Lidia Angeleri

Data pubblicazione
29 gennaio 2012


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