Eyes-free methods for accessing large auditory menus

Relatore:  Tapio Lokki - Department of Media Technology at the Helsinki University of Technology
  giovedì 16 aprile 2009 alle ore 11.15 11.15 caffé e pasticcini, ora 11.30 inizio seminario.

Two interaction methods are introduced for eyes-free control of a mobile phone or a media player. Methods include a gestural pointing interface and a touchscreen interface to a spherical auditory menu where feedback is provided using spatially reproduced speech. The effectiveness of gestural and touchscreen interaction is compared to traditional visual interface when accessing large menus. Evaluation results prove that moderately fast and accurate selection of menu items is possible without visual feedback.  Combining eyes-free interfaces, positions of menu items in 3D and a browsing method with dynamically adjustable target size of the menu items allow large menus with intuitive easy access.

Federico Fontana

Data pubblicazione
30 marzo 2009

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