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Date Seminar Seminar series
12/9/19 Explainable AI for the (Not-Always-Expert) Clinical Researcher
Timetable: h 16:30  Aula E | Speaker: John H. Holmes (University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine)
Seminari del Dipartimento di Informatica
12/10/19 Microscopic to macroscopic modelling in liquid crystals
Timetable: h 14:00  Sala Verde | Speaker: Jamie M. Taylor (Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics, Bilbao)
Seminari del Dipartimento di Informatica
12/15/19 Mathematical modelling of liquid crystals and industrial applications [2ECTS, MAT/05]
Timetable: 15/12-21/12/2019 | Speaker: Prof. Apala Majumdar (Strathclyde (UK))
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
1/7/20 Essentials of reaction-diffusion equations in Mathematical Biology [2ECTS, MAT/07]
Timetable: starting date 07/01 | Speaker: Prof. Tommaso Lorenzi (St Andrews (UK))
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
4/15/20 Combinatorial Strategies for Modern Biology [2 ECTS, MAT/03]
Timetable: Starting date | Speaker: Margherita Maria Ferrari (University of South Florida)
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
4/20/20 Euler-Poincaré variational principles and applications to fluid dynamics - [1 ECTS, MAT/07]
Timetable: | Speaker: Prof. Cesare Troncy (University of Surrey - UK -)
Mathematics mini courses 2019-20
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