Innovative back contact and doping for improved thin film industrial photovoltaic modules.

Starting date
January 1, 2018
Duration (months)
Computer Science
Managers or local contacts
Romeo Alessandro

The current project focuses on the optimization and take‐up measures to bring forward CdTe solar technology established at Calyxo (Cx). The optimization includes the introduction of new back contact layer system and study of CdTe increased doping into the current cell structure with a subsequent testing of the stability of the device. The development will be supported by a team out of experienced researchers at Cx and at the University of Verona (UoV). The project pursues the development of a new process and a machine design for the production of new back contact layer system as a vacuum process and its adjustment to the cost‐efficient atmospheric deposition process established at Cx. The aim would be to offer customers solar modules 20% cheaper than silicon wafer technology with 10% higher payback.
Four major companies worked on a multi MW ramp of CdTe module lines (Abound, Calyxo, GE and First Solar). Abound and GE stopped all production activities due to technical difficulties while ramping the lines as well as stability issues in the field. First Solar an US based stock listed multibillion company showed cost leadership over the last decade in the PV market. First Solar succeed and proved a constant commercial success by implementing over 7 GW in the field. Except First Solar only Calyxo managed to ramp and stabilize its production as the only remaining European CdTe PV module supplier.
We strongly believe that this international joint project would give at the same time important scientific results, good progress for the module production in Calyxo and also a great visibility to the University of Verona.

Project participants

Alessandro Romeo
Associate Professor


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