A new bioinformatics platform for temporal knowledge discovery:application toa model of cardiomyocyte differentiation for understanding the role of dioxin in cardiovascular diseases

Starting date
July 1, 2011
Duration (months)
Computer Science
Managers or local contacts
Bresolin Davide
temporal knowledge discovery, cardiomyocyte differentiation, interval temporal logics, DNA microarrays, Temporal Data Mining

In this three-year project we aim at creating a bioinformatics framework for temporal knowledge discovery applied to the study of the expression of genes involved in the processes of cell differentiation and development. A distinguishing feature of the framework will be the exploitation of novel algorithms for temporal data mining, temporal logic and temporal knowledge extraction to perform the integration of knowledge coming from different sources. We will concentrate in particular on the automatic extraction of temporal knowledge from the literature and on its exploitation to constrain the proposed temporal data analysis algorithms.


Funds: requested
Syllabus: FINANZMIUR - Finanziamento MIUR per la ricerca

Project participants

Barbara Oliboni
Assistant Professor
Pietro Sala
Temporary Assistant Professor


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