Research projects

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Title Managers or local contacts Sponsors Year Duration (months)
User profiling from heterogeneous big data by machine learning for Fair digital innovation Gloria Menegaz 2019 24
Brain connectivity underlying physiological and pathological patterns in action tremor Gloria Menegaz 2019 12
Controllability and trajectory generation and nonholonomic mechanics Nicola Sansonetto INdAM 2019 12
ATLAS - AuTonomous intraLuminAl Surgery Paolo Fiorini Unione Europea 2019 48
Geometric aspects in linear and nonlinear potential theory Virginia Agostiniani INdAM 2019 12
DigitalRestaurant - a platforma for smart management of restaurant services Nicola Bombieri Digital Restaurant Srl 2019 16
Model-Based Design and Verication Flow for Embedded Vision Applications Nicola Bombieri INdAM 2019 12
Distributed Optimization for Large-scale Statistical Modeling Damiano Carra INdAM 2019 12
FunSilting - Functorial techniques in silting theory Lidia Angeleri Unione Europea 2018 24
GNCS Young Researcher Funding 2018/2019: "Heterogeneous systems for inter- and intra-chromosomal connectivity measures." Vincenzo Bonnici INdAM 2018 12
Raccolta e integrazione di fonti eterogenee di dati e progettazione di una piat-taforma per la profilazione di eventi fieristici Gloria Menegaz 2018 12
Geometric Measure Theoretical approaches to Optimal Networks Annalisa Massaccesi INdAM 2018 12
Numerical methods for multiscale control problems and applications Giacomo Albi INdAM 2018 12
Formal methods for the verification and synthesis of discrete event and hybrid systems Tiziano Villa INdAM 2018 12
vEyes Wear: open hardware and software wearable platform Damiano Carra 2018 12
SARAS - Smart Autonomous Robotic Assistant Surgeon Riccardo Muradore Unione Europea 2018 36
Computer Engineering for Industry 4.0 Franco Fummi MIUR 2018 60
Security Static Analysis for Android Things Massimo Merro 2018 24
Innovative back contact and doping for improved thin film industrial photovoltaic modules. Alessandro Romeo 2018 24
An IoT-based virtual coaching platform for assisting daily life activities of ageing persons with Down syndrome Graziano Pravadelli 2018 24
A new dawn of Intuitionism: mathematical and philosophical advances Peter Michael Schuster John Templeton Foundation 2017 33
COREWOOD - Riposizionamento competit ivo del la filiera del legno Franco Fummi Regione del Veneto 2017 36
GHOTEM - Global House Thermal & Electrical Energy Management Franco Fummi Regione del Veneto 2017 36
Sistema domotico IOT integrato ad elevata sicurezza Franco Fummi Regione del Veneto 2017 36
PreMANI – Manifattura Predittiva: progettazione, sviluppo e implementazione di soluzioni di Digital Manufacturing per la previsione del la Qualità e la Manutenzione Intelligente Franco Fummi Regione del Veneto 2017 36
TEMART - Tecnologie e materiali per la manifattura artistica i Beni Culturali l’arredo il decoro architettonico e urbano e il design del futuro Paolo Fiorini Regione del Veneto 2017 36
ARS - Autonomous Robotic Surgery Paolo Fiorini Unione Europea 2017 60
CUMIN - Currents and Minimizing Networks Giandomenico Orlandi Unione Europea 2017 24
Extending OLAP data analysis with temporal and statistical operators Carlo Combi 2017 24
Developing a computational platform for analysis of genomes subjected to chromothripsis phenomena Vincenzo Manca 2017 24
PHOTO2FIT: Automatic street-to-shop recommender system Pietro Argeo Della Cristina 2017 36
SGGS Theorem Proving: Algorithms and Implementation Maria Paola Bonacina 2017 24
PREDYCOS: Personalized REsponsive Dynamic COmplex System Rosalba Giugno 2017 24
Big-code early threat detection by approximate similarity analysis Mila Dalla Preda 2017 24
Interpretazione astratta di COBOL Isabella Mastroeni 2017 24
Categorical localisation: methods and foundations Lidia Angeleri 2017 24
Beyond the Bag of Words paradigm: a structural and statistical perspective Manuele Bicego 2017 24
CATLOC - Categorical localisation: methods and foundations Lidia Angeleri Ricerca di Base - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 2017 24
BeBoW - Beyond the Bag of Words paradigm: a structural and statistical perspective Manuele Bicego Ricerca di Base - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento 2017 24
Automatic Removal of false alarms by Code translation Roberto Giacobazzi 2017 24
DSURF Andrea Giachetti 2017 36
Functional mockup Interface extension with support for Discrete Event Languages Franco Fummi 2017 24
INTCATCH- Development and application of Novel, Integrated Tools for monitoring and managing Catchments Alessandro Farinelli Unione Europea 2016 44
SOLSA - Sonic Drilling coupled with Automated Mineralogy and chemistry On-Line-On-Mine-Real-Time Gino Mariotto Unione Europea 2016 48
MURAB - MRI and Ultrasound Robotic Assisted Biopsy Paolo Fiorini Unione Europea 2016 48
SCENEUNDERLIGHT - Time-lapse understanding of the static and human scene and its lighting Marco Cristani Unione Europea 2015 48


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