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Ca' Vignal 2,  Floor 1,  Room 53

+39 045 802 7995

+39 045 802 7928

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  • Comitato Scientifico del Master in Comitato Scientifico del Master in Progettazione Multimediale e Video
  • Scientific committee for the Masters in Multimedia and Video Creation

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Ca' Vignal 2, floor 1, room 53 Monday 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Research groups
Name Description

Topic Description Research area
Code synthesis Ingegneria del Software e Sicurezza
Software and its engineering - Software creation and management
Formal software and application security Development of models and analyses, based on abstract interpretation, for the security application verification and for security properties enforcement. Ingegneria del Software e Sicurezza
Security and privacy - Software and application security
Protezione del software Development of formal techniques and tools for the protection of software. Ingegneria del Software e Sicurezza
Security and privacy - Formal methods and theory of security
Semantics Informatica teorica
Theory of computation - Semantics and reasoning
Static Analysis Study of techniques for the static analysis of object-oriented and low-level languages. Inference of properties of the heap memory used by programs. Inference of security properties for information manipulated by computer programs. Ingegneria del Software e Sicurezza
Software and its engineering - Software organization and properties

Research products

Type of item
Number of research products per page
publications on 101 total

Title Starting date
Abstract interpretation based analysis of Scripting Languages - Joint Projects 2014 12/1/14
IDACOP - Interpretation-based design and measurement of code-protecting transformations - Joint Projects 2014 11/1/14
FACE: Sconfiggere i malware in modo formale (FIRB 2013) 3/10/14
Static analysis methods for the static derivation 6/5/13
Analysis, verification and synthesis of hw/sw systems through synergies of abstract interpretation and automated reasoning 6/1/12
MoreGAIN - Mismatch smoothing by smart recordering - Joint Projects 2011 1/1/12
Combinazione di analisi e sintesi di programmi: co-generazione di astrazioni e raffinamenti per l'analisi e la sintesi di programmi (PRIN 2009 valutato positivamente ma non finanziato) 7/15/11
Shadowcode: code protection in .net by abstract and dynamic steganography - Joint Project 2007 3/12/09
FUCSIA2008 - Obfuscation and Steganography by Abstract Interpretation 11/27/08
Analisi e protezione del software mediante interpretazione astratta (PRIN 2007) 9/22/08
FUCSIA2007 - Obfuscation and Steganography by Abstract Interpretation 3/26/08
Sviluppo prototipo marcatura software 3/13/07
Analisi statica e dinamica per la certificazione automatica di sicurezza di programmi (PRIN 2006) 2/9/07
InterAbstract - Verification and Security by Abstract Interpretation 12/1/05
INTERLINK InterAbstract, modalità C 1/1/05
Certificazione automatica di sistemi mediante interpretazione astratta (PRIN 2004) 11/30/04
Property driven design of static program analyses 3/15/03
Abstract interpretation and model checking for the verification of embedded systems 2/21/03
(CoVer) Constraint-based Verification of Reactive systems 12/1/02
Abstraction for verification 6/1/02
Verifica automatica di sistemi reattivi mediante interpretazione astratta e model checking 5/1/02
Dottorato di ricerca in Co-tutela internazionale in logiche e metodi formali per l'informatica 1/1/02
Abstract Interpretation, type systems and control-flow analysis 11/26/00
Analisi di sistemi distribuiti e mobili con interpretazione astratta e sistemi di tipo (2000) 1/1/00
Certificazione automatica di programmi mediante interpretazione astratta 11/26/99
Domini astratti per la certificazione automatica di programmi (1999) 1/1/99

Teachings in the last two academic years
Department/Faculty Name Total credits Online Teacher credits Modules offered by this teacher
Department Computer Science  Languages and compilers (2015/2016)   12  eLearning LINGUAGGI
Department Computer Science  Malware (2015/2016)   6   
Department Computer Science  Static analysis and code protection (2015/2016)   6  eLearning

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