Alessandra  Di Pierro

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Ca' Vignal 2,  Floor 1,  Room 89

+39 045 802 7971

+39 045 802 7068

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Ca' Vignal 2, floor 1, room 89 Tuesday 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Research groups
Name Description
QUILAB Quantum Informatics Laboratory

Topic Description Research area
Lambda Calculus Study of extended versions of the typed lambda calculus, in particular of probabilistic typing systems and their expressivity. Informatica teorica
Theory of computation - Models of computation
Probabilistic Analysis of Security Static analysis of approximate security properties via Probabilistic Abstract Interpretation Ingegneria del Software e Sicurezza
Security and privacy - Formal methods and theory of security
Quantitative static analysis Study of formal methods for quantitative analysis of programs. Extension of classical program analysis techniques (data-flow, control-flow, abstract interpretation,type systems)to probabilistic and speculative analysis for program optimisation and transformation. Ingegneria del Software e Sicurezza
Software and its engineering - Software organization and properties
Semantics of Probabilistic Languages Construction of operational and denotational semantics via linear and abstract algebras. Informatica teorica
Theory of computation - Semantics and reasoning
Topological Quantum Computation Re-writing systems for Topological Quantum Computation (TQC) and study of new algorithmic techniques based on the mathematical model of TQC. Informatica teorica
Theory of computation - Models of computation

Research products

Type of item
Number of research products per page
publications on 45 total

Title Starting date
Security Horizons 2/1/13
Fondamenti Matematici di Estensioni Quantitative del Lambda-calcolo e dell'Interazione (PRIN 2009) 7/15/11
SPaCIoS: Secure Provision and Consumption in the Internet of Services 10/1/10
Analisi e protezione del software mediante interpretazione astratta (PRIN 2007) 9/22/08
FUCSIA2007 - Obfuscation and Steganography by Abstract Interpretation 3/26/08
AVANTSSAR - Automated Validation of Trust and Security of Service-oriented Architectures 1/1/08

Teachings in the last two academic years
Department/Faculty Name Total credits Online Teacher credits Modules offered by this teacher
Department Biotechnology  Information Technology (2015/2016)   6   
Department Computer Science  Languages and compilers (2015/2016)   12    COMPILATORI

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