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Level 1 Masters in Network Planning and Management Networking Operating Systems (2004/2005)   5     


Research groups

Electronic Systems Design (ESD)
Techniques for the automatic design of electronic systems, based on formal languages and correct by construction or formally verified methodologies
Topic Description Research area
Networked embedded systems Design techniques for networked embedded systems, particularly devoted to: - networked embedded systems co-design - networked embedded systems co-simulation - QoS-based design - M2M and sensor network design Sistemi ciberfisici
Computer systems organization - Embedded and cyber-physical systems
Title Starting date
Design and implementation of a monitoring and control system based on multi wireless protocols 1/1/17
TOYS - TOward Industrial Smart DisplaYS - Joint Projects 2015 1/1/16
SPAWNE - Smart Pole WSN Network - Joint Project 2014 1/2/15
Automatic process control for energy saving and resource recovery in waste water management 3/28/14
A multimedia platform for ZigBee based home automation (Z-Home) 11/1/07
Yield Improvement in Nanotechnology Production Process of Standard Cells Based Integrated Circuits (ImpNanolC) - Joint Project 2005 1/1/07
An embedded networked architecture to monitor the wine supply chain (eWINE) 6/1/06
Ambiente di modellazione e verifica per terminali mobili 12/1/05
Telepresence Instant Groupware for higher Education in Robotics (TIGER) (FIRB 2001) 2/21/03

Walter Vendraminetto
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