Robotics (2008/2009)

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Paolo Fiorini
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2° Q dal Jan 26, 2009 al Mar 27, 2009.

Lesson timetable

2° Q
Day Time Type Place Note
Monday 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall E  
Wednesday 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall I  

Learning outcomes

The objective of the course is to introduce the students to the main concepts of analysis, control, and programming of robotic systems, such a manipulators and autonomous vehicles. The course consist of three main parts:

* the first part presnts the main concepts of the analysis of open kinematic chains, such as robotic arms

* the second part of the course deals with the dynamical analysis of mechanical arm

* The last part of the course is devoted to discussing robotic control, with basic concepts on actuation and motion planning

An important part of the course is the final project, during which students will be able to develop their own ideas in robotics and run relevant simulations and experiments.


* Introduction to the course
* Spatial kinematics
* Direct kinematic of a manipulator arm
* Inverse kinematics of a manipulator
* Differential kinematics
* Trajectory computation for a robot
* Motion planning of a robot
* Robot dynamics
* Robot control
* Advanced topics: Telerobotics, sensors, haptics, ecc.

The course consists of about 40 hours of lecture, with presentaiton of the main concepts, carried out meaningful examples, and develop discussions with the students.

Assessment methods and criteria

The grade will be determined with a closed book midterm and a final project. The test consists of exercises on the topics discussed in the lectures and on theoretical questions. The project consists of the development of simulations and experiments related to robotics. the average of the two grades is the final grade of the course. Student have the right to receive an oral examination which will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Statistics about transparency requirements (Attuazione Art. 2 del D.M. 31/10/2007, n. 544)

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Positive 61.53% 30 0
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Canceled 38.46%
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