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Master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering

The Master degree in Computer Science and Engineering has been running at the University of Verona since the academic year 2009-2010. It aims to provide students with the methodological bases for addressing issues related to the design, analysis and development of complex computer systems.


Part of the programme is dedicated to deepening and expanding upon on fundamental knowledge acquired in the Bachelor degree (in Science or Engineering), providing students with a host of tools for looking at complex problems in the field. Another part of the programme provides state of the art knowledge in the main methods of modelling, design, analysis and evaluation of algorithms and systems (hardware and software) able to manipulate data from either discrete or continuous sources.

Master's degree representative: Prof. Massimo Merro.

The postgraduate programme is enhanced by research carried out by the Department of Computer Science of the university.

Master's degree in Mathematics
Modern Industry and Research are requiring ever greater Mathematical skills. This Master’s Degree, as is the case for all the best programmes, is entirely in English. Many classes will be given by external professors coming from our partner institutions, among the best ranked in Europe. There are two options: the first is to follow the programme in Applications, which is designed to prepare the student for a professional career, based on a providing a strong background in Modelling and Numerical Methods in the fields of Industrial Mathematics, Applied Sciences, Data Science, Decision Science, Financial Mathematics and Cryptography. Alternatively one may follow the Teacher Preparation Programme. Individual programmes may be personalized by taking courses at the University of Trento, with which we have a convention, or by taking part in the international exchange programs Erasmus+, Worldwide Study and Erasmus+ for Traineeship. Our Master’s Degree is a teaching centre for the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI). Indeed, by choosing the appropriate courses it is possible to get the “ECMI Certificate” upon graduation. It is also possible to have an Internship at important national and international Banks and  Insurance Companies, as well as in Research laboratories and Schools. These aspects of the Degree give graduates a competitive edge for their future careers, be it in the Job Market, or for a continuing Academic career.
Studies by Alma Laurea and other international institutions show that there is a strong demand for Applied Mathematicians with a good background in Probability, Modelling and Computations and these are highly sought after, both in Europe and elsewhere.
A graduate of the Master’s Degree in Mathematics at the University of Verona will be well prepared for employment in Banks, other Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies, as well as in the Research and Development Offices of companies and other public and private Institutions (data analysis, software development, cryptography and information security, analysis and modelling of biomedical processes, methodologies and technology for Industry 4.0 …) at both the national and international level.
The graduate will be able to successfully continue in a Doctoral Programme in Mathematics, or, with the appropriate choice of courses, in Computer Science, Statistics, Economics and Finance, Bioengineering and Biomedical Sciences, either in Italy or abroad. Alternatively, the graduate may decide to complete their Teacher Training by following the appropriate government licensing procedures.
Referent: Prof. Sisto Baldo
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Master's degree in Medical Bioinformatics

The goal of the Master Degree in Medical Bioinformatics is to train graduates able to perform executive and coordination functions in the areas of design, development, management and maintenance of information systems in medicine, biology and health systems, with particular regard on biomedical oriented complex software innovation in science and technology for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, to complex information systems for the management of clinical and bioinformatic data bases, software for processing medical and biological data in clinical decision support systems, health information systems with heterogeneous and complex architectures, visual interfaces for bioinformatics. To that objective, the Master Degree in Medical Bioinformatics will provide the theoretical basis, methodological and technological multi- and inter- disciplinary needs to address the problems related to the design, analysis and development of intelligent systems in complex bioinformatics and medical informatics.
The specific educational objectives of the degree course can be articulated as follows:

  • Theoretical, methodological, experimental and applied knowledge in the core areas of computer science, with particular reference to the application domains of biology and medicine
  • Knowledge of techniques and methodologies in data and processes design for the development of computer systems in medical and bioinformatics-genomic;
  • Knowledge of information systems, analysis and mining of bioinformatics and medical data;
  • Knowledge of the main software platforms, sequencing techniques, bioinformatics data bases for public use and the used standards for the representation and communication of data;
  • Ability to design, implement and integrate software modules for genome analysis and web services implementation oriented to the management of biological and clinical data;
  • Ability to identify the components and tools suitable for the treatment of complex problems of bioinformatics and medical informatics, where interdisciplinary skills must be integrated.

For the internationality of the scientific, technical and economic aspects of informatics and its applications in Medicine and Health Systems, the training will be entirely offered in English. Master's degree representative: Prof. Giugno Rosalba.

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