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Master I in Computer Game Development
The Masters degree course in Computer Game Development is intended for graduates in Computer Science and Engineering and it aims to train computer programmers in videogame applications and interactive multimedia. The course is designed to develop abilities tied to the creation of videogames with a practical approach and include lessons held by professionals in the industry. The first module of the course, which is of an academic nature, introduces some essential abilities in graphic design, artificial intelligence, software engineering and human-computer interaction. The second part – of a more applicative nature – examines the variety of specific competencies that are involved when programming a videogame by focusing workshop activities on the creation of complete videogames. Each student will then complete a final practical stage at a videogames company.
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Master I in Digital Content Creation Course not running
Many local, national and international companies commonly find that that, despite the large number of people with a technical education, particularly in engineering, who have excellent abilities suitable for creating websites, these people lack training in terms of the economic measures of results (or results prediction) and related fields, especially when it comes to skills such as writing text and graphic/multimedia production. On the other hand, many graduates of non-technical disciplines such as communication studies or humanities, as well as those who have developed multimedia and textual processing skills on the job, often have little training on technical aspects. This makes it difficult to find workers on the market who have both the theoretical knowledge and technical skills in demand. The purpose of this Masters is in fact to provide a new training course to fill these needs. Bearing in mind the current gaps in the market, it will offer a comprehensive blend of knowledge and skills in three areas - information technology, marketing, and multimedia and textual processing.
Master I in Technologies for Efficiency in Energy Management Course not running
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