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PhD in Computer Science
The main objective of the PhD in Computer Science is to educate researchers and give them a profound and vast knowledge of computer science and a substantial learning capability as well as a substantial capability of applying advanced research methodologies. The PhDs in Computer Science will be able to work both in the field of pure and basic research and in the file of applied and industrial research. The program of the Course will have to guarantee competence at an excellent level, and the objectives will be considered to be fulfilled if the PhD students will have received an education and will have written a PhD thesis that are both adequate with respect to the highest international standards.
To fulfill such objectives, as described in more detail below, the PhD Course in Computer Science foresees a program of education at the University of Verona and supports periods abroad for study and research, visiting public and private organizations, up to a maximum of 50% of the course duration. To support such activities, the PhD Course in Computer Science leverages on a numerous teaching staff council, whose members have been engaging in several collaborations both locally and at national and international level by means of projects financed by local entities as well as by national and international agencies (e.g., respectively, Prin and Firb, and the various Framework Programmes). These projects have been contributing to the financing of PhD scholarships, of grants (assegni di ricerca) for students without a scholarship, and of the diverse research activities related to the PhD. Moreover, as illustrated below, the Department of Computer Science subsidizes the purchase of computers, software and hardware for the students with a scholarship and supports their mobility with a yearly contribution of Euro 1500 pro capite, and guarantees them an environment for research and study in the various offices and laboratories that are available to PhD students.

Courses not currently running

PhD in Computer Science (last activated in 2013) Course partially running (all years except the first)

The objective of the PhD programme is to prepare specialists with a deep and broad knowledge of computer science and with a strong ability of understanding advanced research methodologies. The PhD graduate should be able to work on pure as well as applied and industrial research. For this purpose the programme includes several advanced training courses and requires the preparation of a final dissertation according to the highest international standards

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