Ciclo di seminari

Mathematics mini courses 2017-18

Giandomenico Orlandi

Prossimi seminari
Data Ora Titolo Relatore
22/01/18 14.30 starting date Introduction to SageMath Péter Burcsi - Eötvös Loránd University Budapest
08/02/18 15.30 Multiscale analysis of singularly perturbed finite dimensional gradient flows: the minimizing movement approach Francesco Solombrino - Università di Napoli Federico II
08/02/18 14.30 Optimal Control Problems in Transport Dynamics Mattia Bongini - CEREMADE - Paris Dauphine

Seminari già svolti
Data Ora Titolo Relatore
21/12/17 14.30 Kinetic and Hyperbolic Equations with Applications to Engineering Processes Axel-Stefan Häck - RTWH Aachen
11/12/17 11.30 aula M - starting lesson Mathematical Models of Evolutionary and Spatial Dynamics of Cancer Tommaso Lorenzi - St. Andrews University (Scotland)
20/11/17 14.30 Minicorso che parte col 20 novembre An hands-on tutorial on LP and LPI modeling (Minicorso introduttivo alla modellazione in PL e PLI) Romeo Rizzi and Alice Raffaele
10/11/17 11.30 aula B 11.30-13.30 first lecture A mathematical approach to chemotaxis: the Keller-Segel model Juan Calvo Yagüe - Granada
23/10/17 14.30 Laboratory Gamma The electrophysiology of excitable tissues: modelling and numerical simulations Dr. Luca Gerardo-Giorda - BCAM-Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Bilbao, Spain
10/10/17 12.30 Opinion dynamics on social network part 4 Giacomo Albi
09/10/17 15.30 Opinion dynamics on social network part 3 Giacomo Albi
06/10/17 9.30 Opinion dynamics on social network part 2 Giacomo Albi - Università di Verona
03/10/17 12.30 Opinion dynamics on social network part 1 Giacomo Albi
02/10/17 14.30 Aula G, starting date Categorical Logic Thomas Streicher - Technische Universität Darmstadt