Offerta di borsa di ricerca presso Wagoo srls

Offerta di borsa di ricerca presso Wagoo srls

We are on a hunt for passionate and eclectic people with a hunch for pushing the frontiers of cutting edge technologies beyond the status quo.
We need people who want to grow quickly and are not scared of tackling new problems with creativity, determination, and a constant learning attitude.

The Offering
Research scholarship provided by Verona University or hiring by Wagoo Italia SRLs.
Working place: Verona (IT)
The opportunity steams from collaborations between Verona University, EDALab srl, ETH Zurich, CNRS-LEAT, Wagoo LLC and Wagoo Italia SRLs.

Basic qualifications are: graduated or near graduation in magistrale / master / laurea degree in Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering.
Knowledge of as many of these areas : C based programming, Objects-Oriented Programming, Concurrent Programming, Operating Systems, Data Networks,
Wireless Networks, Microcontroller Programming, Low Power Firmware, Sensors and Radio Interfaces, Bluetooth Radio Standard.
Preferred qualifications: PhD in Computer Sciences, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering.


1) Embedded
Development & optimization of smart glasses system architecture including CPU, memoria, bus, Bluetooth Low Energy Rx- TX, Power Supply, Antennas & RF Components.
Topics: Embedded Programming, Electronic Systems Design, RF Propagation.

2) Web Applications
Development & optimization of end-to-end mobile app. for the smartglassess and integration with social networks.
Topics: iOS and Android Mobile programming both native and hybrid, JavaScript, JSON, No-SQL Databases & REST.

3) Algorithms
Development & optimization of auto-calibration of the software parameters for the smart glasses, development of directional navigation algorithms in an environment equipped with iBeacons.
Topics: Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, System and Control Theory, BFS and Graph Theory.

Full description:

Interested parties please apply with your CV at
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Offerta di borsa di ricerca presso Wagoo srls
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