Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics

matematica applicata


The course is open access, then it is NOT necessary any admission test to enroll.

Nevertheless, in order to profitably follow a program of study it is necessary to have a good familiarity with its specific underlying basics. Students are able to verify whether or not they are prepared for their studies even before they enrol. Even if it turns out that they are not completely prepared they will still able to enrol. However, in this case they will be assigned some extra special classes called (in Italian) Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi (OFA). These OFA requirements can be satisfied after passing the corresponding tests during the students’ first year of studies. In particular, first year students will have access to three TOLC-S sessions offered by the university during their first year of studies. Students who don’t satisfy the OFA requirements by the end of their first year of studies will not be permitted to enrol in the second year.

Subject requirements

The prerequisite for these OFA courses is to be sufficiently competent with high school mathematics and science. Moreover, all enrolling students must take a placement test for English competency. For more information see leggi qui.

Methods of assessment

Students who have passed, after October 1 of the year preceding their enrolment, any certified test containing questions on Mathematics, Logic or Problem Solving, will be considered to have satisfied the OFA requirements. A passing grade means obtaining at least 40% of the maximum possible for the questions on the test in these three areas.

Assessment date

Any certified test taken at any time on or after October 1 of the year preceding the year of enrolment will be considered valid.

Recognition of prior learning


OFA recovery courses

First year students who have not taken/passed the entry competency test before enrolling will be required to take a special make-up course organised by the School of Science and Engineering during the first semester. The OFA requirements will be considered to be satisfied for students who pass the final exam of this course.