Adele La Rana

foto,  May 1, 2021
Temporary Assistant Professor
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PhD in physics in the field of gravitational waves (LISA), Adele La Rana has been working in history of physics for several years, carrying on three main research activities: history of Italian and European gravitational wave research; a study of Edoardo Amaldi’s archives at Sapienza University; extensive research to accomplish a prosopography of Italian physics ( At the University of Verona she is extending her research to the exploration of possible ways to integrate an historical-scientific approach in physics education and training. She is member of the executive board of the Italian Society for the History of Physics and Astronomy ( and of the editorial board of the Italian Physical Society's journal "Giornale di Fisica" ( She is working with Nobel Laureate Barry Barish on a scientific biography of Edoardo Amaldi.


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Foundations, History and Didactics of Physics
Research activities in this field concern the History of Physics, particularly devoted to the XX century, and Physics Education following active learning methods and in sinergy with the History of Physics with reference to the Foundations of Physics and to the Nature of Science, particularly devoted to Physics teaching at University level and to perspective primary and secondary school teachers.


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