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Course curriculum: training activities divided by year of enrollment
Year Credits TTA Activity Academic year of attendance
A Algebra lineare - Linear Algebra (MAT/02) 2019/2020
A Analisi matematica i - Mathematical analysis 1 (MAT/05)
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12  A Architettura degli elaboratori - Computer Architecture (ING-INF/05)
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A Fisica i - Physics 1 (FIS/01) 2019/2020
A Logica - Logic (INF/01)
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C Probabilita' e statistica - Probability and Statistics (MAT/06) 2019/2020
12  A Programmazione i - Programming I (INF/01)
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E Lingua inglese competenza linguistica - liv. B1 (completo)  
12  B Algoritmi - Algorithms (INF/01) 2020/2021
C Analisi matematica ii - Mathematical analysis 2 (MAT/05) 2020/2021
C Fisica ii - Physics 2 (FIS/01) 2020/2021
12  B Programmazione ii e ingegneria del software - Programming II and Software Engineering (INF/01) 2020/2021
B Reti di calcolatori - Computer Networks (ING-INF/05) 2020/2021
C Sistemi - System theory (ING-INF/04) 2020/2021
12  B Sistemi operativi - Operating Systems (ING-INF/05) 2020/2021
12  B Basi di dati - Databases (ING-INF/05) 2021/2022
1 module to be chosen among the following:
Available modules Credits Academic year of attendance
Biomedical Data and Signal Processing (ING-INF/06) 6 2021/2022
Compilers (INF/01) 6 2021/2022
Computer Graphics (INF/01) 6 2021/2022
Control theory (ING-INF/04) 6 2021/2022
Network programming and security (INF/01) 6 2021/2022
B Elaborazione di segnali e immagini - Signal and image processing (INF/01) 2021/2022
B Fondamenti dell'informatica - Foundations of Computing (INF/01) 2021/2022
B Linguaggi - Programming languages (INF/01) 2021/2022
12  D Activities to be chosen by the student  
F Tirocinio  
E Prova finale  

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DActivities to be chosen by the student
EFinal examination
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SPlacements in companies, public or private institutions and professional associations

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