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The course is aimed at providing the basic theoretical and applicative tools and techniques for the analysis and management of biological data; in particular the course is focused on topics linked to Pattern Recognition and Image analysis The course comprises two modules as detailed below. Module1: This module is aimed at providing the theoretical and applicative bases of Pattern Recognition, a class of automatic methodo-logies used to recognize and recover information from biological data. In particular, during the course the main techniques of this area will be presented and discussed, in particular linked to representa-tion, classification, clustering and validation. The focus is more on the description of the employed methodologies rather than on the details of applicative programs (already seen in other courses). Af-ter attending the course, the students will be able to analyse a biological problem from a Pattern Re-cognition perspective; they will also have the skills needed to invent, develop and implement the dif-ferent components of a Pattern Recognition System. Module2: