Bio-information technology workshop (2021/2022)

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Learning outcomes

The course will provide the theoretical and practical basis to understand and employ algorithms and programs currently used to retrieve and analyze data contained in the most used biological data re-positories. The course is divided into two modules, as detailed below. Module 1: In this module student will become acquainted with some of the most used software tools for managing data in proteomics, genomics, biochemistry, molecular and structural biology. Students will be introduced to the analysis and the visualization of structural data of biological macromolecules and their complexes, and to the design of simple static and dynamic models of biomolecular net-works. The students will also be introduced to the most modern fields of systems biology. Module 2: In this module students will learn how to employ the basic bioinformatic tools for the ana-lysis, interpretation and prediction of biological data in proteomics, genomics, biochemistry, molecular biology. This course offers the possibility of applying state of the art bioinformatic tools to solve biolo-gical problems