Master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering


Course modules Training activities taf D and F

Elective modules and additional activities chosen by the student (‘Type D’ and ‘Type F’ activities) may include modules taught at the University of Verona, or internships/professional traineeships.
When choosing ‘Type D’ modules and activities, students should be aware that only activities that are in line with their study plan will be approved. Moreover, students are expected to be able to explain clearly the reasons for their choices.
The following modules/activities will be automatically approved (please note this list is currently under construction):

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I semestre from 10/1/20 to 1/29/21
years TTA E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
1° 2° D Matlab-Simulink programming Bogdan Mihai Maris (Coordinator)
1° 2° D Programming Challanges Romeo Rizzi (Coordinator)

List of teachings with the periods that have not been assigned
years TTA E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
1° 2° D The fashion lab (1 ECTS) Maria Caterina Baruffi (Coordinator)
1° 2° D Python programming language Vittoria Cozza (Coordinator)
1° 2° D The course provides an introduction to blockchain technology. It focuses on the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tendermint and Hotmoka. Nicola Fausto Spoto (Coordinator)