Master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering


Course modules

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I semestre from 10/1/20 to 1/29/21
years TTA E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
B Big data Damiano Carra (Coordinator)
B Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Pietro Sala (Coordinator)
B Foundations of software analysis and verification Isabella Mastroeni (Coordinator)
B Foundations of software engineering Mariano Ceccato (Coordinator)
B Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Alessandro Farinelli (Coordinator)
B Foundations of programming and specification languages Massimo Merro (Coordinator)
B Foundations of Security and Privacy Federica Maria Francesca Paci (Coordinator)
B Visual intelligence Gloria Menegaz (Coordinator)
B Information Systems Barbara Oliboni (Coordinator)
B Software security Mila Dalla Preda (Coordinator)
B Automated System Verification Matteo Cristani (Coordinator)
B Image Processing II Gloria Menegaz (Coordinator)
C The Physics of Integrated Devices Alessandro Romeo (Coordinator)
C Physical human-robot interaction Riccardo Muradore (Coordinator)
B Human-computer Interaction Andrea Giachetti (Coordinator)
C Non-conventional Calculation Methods Giuditta Franco (Coordinator)
C Robotics Paolo Fiorini (Coordinator)
B Software security Mila Dalla Preda (Coordinator)
C Advanced recognition systems Marco Cristani (Coordinator)
C Data-intensive computing systems Damiano Carra (Coordinator)
B Design automation of embedded systems Tiziano Villa (Coordinator)
1° 2° B Cryptography Roberto Segala (Coordinator)

II semestre from 3/1/21 to 6/11/21
years TTA E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
B Web Applications Roberto Posenato (Coordinator)
B Problems solving: Algorithms and Complexity Romeo Rizzi (Coordinator)
B Fundamentals of Machine Learning Marco Cristani (Coordinator)
B Foundations of Security and Privacy Federica Maria Francesca Paci (Coordinator)
B Foundations of information systems Alberto Belussi (Coordinator)
B Logic in computer science Andrea Masini (Coordinator)
B Network security Massimo Merro (Coordinator)
B High performance software design in C++ Federico Busato (Coordinator)
B Graphics Programming Umberto Castellani (Coordinator)
B Parallel Programming Nicola Bombieri (Coordinator)
B Quantum Computing Alessandra Di Pierro (Coordinator)
B Knowledge representation Matteo Cristani (Coordinator)
B Algorithmic Game Theory Ferdinando Cicalese (Coordinator)
C Advanced Data Base Systems Alberto Belussi (Coordinator)
C Logic Andrea Masini (Coordinator)
B Advanced Operating Systems Graziano Pravadelli (Coordinator)
C Semantic web Matteo Cristani (Coordinator)
1° 2° C Organization Studies Giuseppe Favretto (Coordinator)
1° 2° C Automated reasoning Andrea Masini (Coordinator)