Progettazione di Sistemi Embedded e IoT (2020/2021)

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Franco Fummi
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Teaching is organised as follows:
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Teoria 5 I semestre Franco Fummi

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Laboratorio 1 I semestre Franco Fummi

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Learning outcomes

The course aims at providing the following knowledge: techniques for the automatic design of embedded and industrial IoT systems, starting from their specifications to go through verification, automatic synthesis and testing. Main languages to deal with this kind of project and the most advanced automatic tools for their manipulation. This is in particular applied to the design, verification and test of cyber-physical production systems.

At the end of the course the student will have to demonstrate that he/she has the following skills to apply the acquired knowledge: identify the best architecture for an embedded and industrial IoT system from the specifications; model, design and verify complex analog / digital devices; develop embedded software and interact with IoT and cloud architectures; partition a functionality between hw, sw with attention to the network and operating systems; build project report highlighting the critical aspects resolved; be able to use additional languages for the design of embedded and industrial IoT systems starting from the ones studied in the course.