Introduction to computer architecture (2020/2021)

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Tiziano Villa
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Teoria 5 I semestre Tiziano Villa

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Laboratorio 1 I semestre Nicola Drago

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Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to provide the theory and practice to implement an algorithm in hardware, exploring a spectrum of options ranging from dedicated specialized devices to programs on a gene-ral-purpose processor. The students will understand how a processor works and how a high-level program is translated into machine language and then executed. At the end of the course, the students will be able to design specialized hardware for simple algo-rithms; translate simple programs from an high-level specification to machine language


Computer Architecture.

Fundamentals: information coding, Boolean functions, arithmetic.

Digital design: combinational circuits, sequential circuits, special purpose architectures (control unit + data path), programmable units.

Computer architecture: basic principles, instruction set, processor, memory hierarchy, I/O organization.

Introduction to LC-3 architecture.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written test for the theoretical part with questions and exercises (5/6 of the final grade).
Wrtiien test or programming project in the assembly language of he LC3 architecture for the laboratory (1/6 of final grade).

Reference books
Activity Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
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Teaching aids
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Architettura - Cap. 1-10 CLD Borriello-Katz  x-gzipx-gzip (en, 745 KB, 30/09/20)
Architettura - Esercizi  x-gzipx-gzip (it, 3432 KB, 22/12/20)
Architettura - Lezioni LC3  x-gzipx-gzip (it, 6580 KB, 18/01/21)
XX-TV Temi d'esame  x-gzipx-gzip (it, 4594 KB, 12/12/20)
LC3 - Istruction Set.pdf  pdfpdf (it, 43 KB, 17/12/20)
LC3 - Lezione 1.pdf  pdfpdf (it, 202 KB, 17/12/20)
LC3 - Lezione 2.pdf  pdfpdf (it, 271 KB, 17/12/20)
LC3 - Lezione 3.pdf  pdfpdf (it, 219 KB, 17/12/20)