Research and modelling seminar (seminar course) (2017/2018)

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Giacomo Albi
Giacomo Albi
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I sem. dal Oct 2, 2017 al Jan 31, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

The purpose of the course is to give the student a solid appreciation of the deep connections between mathematics and other scientific disciplines, both in terms of the mathematical problems that they inspire and the important role that mathematics plays in scientific research. Mathematical software tools, and others, will be used to implement algorithms for the solution of the problems studied during the course. At the end of the course the student is expected to be able to complete professional and technical tasks of a high level in the context of mathematical modelling and computation, both working alone and in groups.


The following topics will be discussed:

* Advanced methods and models for Differential Equations.
* Numerical Optimization: MPC method, Dynamic Programming.
* Applications to opinion formation on network and complex systems.

The programme is in accordance with the ECMI standards (European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry,

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Lorenzo Pareschi, Giuseppe Toscani Interacting Multiagent Systems, Oxford University Press, 2013 Oxford University Press 2013

Assessment methods and criteria

To pass the exam the student is expected to demonstrate the ability to mathematically formalize a problem expressed in the language of another scientific discipline, using, adapting and developing the models and advanced methods discussed during the lectures. To that end the student will be assigned one or more projects to be presented orally.

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