Mathematics for Decisions (seminar course) (2015/2016)

Course code
Name of lecturer
Romeo Rizzi
Romeo Rizzi
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
II semestre, I semestre

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

The aim of this course is to somewhat offer "involvement opportunities" to the students in either academic research or towards the world outside academy. Personalities active in several areas of applied mathematical research will deliver lectures inside this course to propose some problems to the students so that maybe some of them will decide to try to do some research with us or on their own.
Our commitment with this course is to try the young students of the so called "lost generation" in discovering opportunities to get involved into something constructive. The course is mostly a windows-shop of invited personalities.


This is a seminar course comprising classes by external personalities (seminars and short courses).
Classes by the referent of the course or other internal professors are also possible. Seminars by the students on topics of interest as agreed upon would also fit perfectly.

Assessment methods and criteria

The hope is that at least some of the students will get involved into some of the proposed problems or areas and begin to actively work on a project or idea.
Where this should happen (and appear), the exam becomes a secondary issue.

Where we do not get lucky, the students is asked to try on every proposal: he's due to attend the great part of both the external and the internal lectures, and he must also attend the seminars of the classmates. Finally, he's expected to study an argument of his choice and deliver such a seminar or conduct a mathematical modeling project.

Teaching aids