Programming Challanges (2014/2015)

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Romeo Rizzi
Romeo Rizzi
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NN - -
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II sem. dal Mar 2, 2015 al Jun 12, 2015.
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Learning outcomes

Do you like math-algorithmic problems and puzzles?
Are you curious about competitions and challenges in problem solving and/or programming (ACM competitions, olympiads in informatics, COCI events, team contests, challenges and projects on topCoder, Google's codejam enrollment opportunities, or other ... ?

The arena "Programming Challenges", offers an aggregation space where to meet with other pals with these interests and curiosities, practice together some programming skills, organize teams, launch and participate to common projects.

We are open to all degree courses of the Univeristy of Verona:
there is no required background but the curiosity and the interest.
We may also give attention to highschool students in their path on the Olympiads in Informatics.

If you are curious, come to meet us with your proposal for an intriguing challenge, and we will find out whether others are interested to join and how better to organize ourselves to face it.


Many proposals on the table, and we hope that you will contribute with more. The arena "Programming Challanges" is yours. You are the ones to write the program.

Assessment methods and criteria

A lot of effort and enthusiasm, that will be accounted for drop by drop, at a low rate. However, for the ones who get some fun out of it, take it as an opportunity to grow in relation with others, and carry away active transversal skills and competencies grounded on the doing, a sense for participating in this adventure could finally come out.