Advanced Data Base Systems (2014/2015)

Course code
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Alberto Belussi
Alberto Belussi
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II sem. dal Mar 2, 2015 al Jun 12, 2015.

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

This course provides the student with the main theoretical concepts of the relational data model, of object and object-relational data models, and of the semistructured and XML data models. Related query languages will be introduced and some related technical issues will be discussed.


The relational data model: relational calculus, functional dependencies, normal forms and decompositions.

Object and object-relational databases: data models and query languages.

Semistructured databases: basic concepts, XML, XML Schema, XPath, and Xquery.

Spatio-Temporal databases: basic concepts, data models, query languages, and technological issues.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
R. Elmasri, S. B. Navathe Fundamentals of Database Systems (Edizione 1) Addison-Wesley 1994 0805317481
J. D. Ullman Principles of Database and Knowledge-base Systems Computer Science Press  
P. Rigaux, M. Scholl and A. Voisard Spatial Databases with Application to GIS Morgan Kaufmann  

Assessment methods and criteria

The final exam is an oral examination (with a previous written test), with questions and exercises on the considered topics.