Microeconomics (2014/2015)

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Martina Menon
Martina Menon
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II sem. dal Mar 2, 2015 al Jun 12, 2015.

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Learning outcomes

Aim of the course is to provide students with the basis of economic theory. Lectures will cover the following topics: 1) consumer theory, 2) firm theory, 3) market structures (perfect competition, monopoly and oligopoly) and 4) game theory.


1. Consumer choice
a. Preference and choice
i. Preference relations and utility functions
ii. Choice rules and budget sets
iii. Individual demand and reveald preference
b. Axiomatic treatment of preferences
i. Assumptions regarding preferences
ii. Equivalence of preferences and ordinal utility
iii. Existence of utility functions
iv. The relationship between rational preferences and utility functions
c. Lagrange multipliers and Constrained Optimization
d. Demand Behaviour
i. Utility maximization
ii. Expenditure Minimization
iii. Duality
iv. Indirect utility function
v. Comparative statics: substitution effects, income effect, Slutsky equation

2. Theory of the firm
3. Market
4. Game theory

Text book: Microeconomia Varian Hal R. Libreria Editrice Cafoscarina

Assessment methods and criteria

Tow-hour examination