Modern physics II (2013/2014)

Course code
Nicola Daldosso
Academic sector
Language of instruction
Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff Timetable
Teoria 1 II semestre Gino Mariotto
Teoria 1 3 II semestre Nicola Daldosso
Laboratorio 2 II semestre Nicola Daldosso

Lesson timetable

II semestre
Activity Day Time Type Place Note
Teoria 1 Thursday 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM lesson Lecture Hall M  
Laboratorio Tuesday 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM laboratorio Lecture Hall M  

Learning outcomes

The course will deal with Physics themes that are fundamental for the scientific training of the future School teachers.
Students are guided to experiment and design instruction strategies aimed at helping high school pupils in understanding physics.
The course aims at:
- giving a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental phenomena and physical quantities
- providing the students with an understanding of the fundamental physical phenomena
- illustrating simple experiences that can be carried out in the classroom
During the course the students make introductory experiments on Mechanics and Optics.
The attendance at the laboratory is compulsory to be admitted to the final evaluation.


Among the theory part the following topics will be addressed: Experimental data analysis (physical quantities, measurements instruments and units, statistical analysis of uncertainty in experimental measurements), Mechanics (cinematic, dynamic laws, oscillators), Electricity and Circuits (Ohm laws, circuit laws, resistors, capacitors, …), and Physics complements (geometrical and wave optics; thermology and calorimetry).
In the laboratory part of the course, students will setup and execute basics experiments (together with the realization of technical lab sheets and the discussion of the experimental data) in the fields of Mechanics (pendulum, repartition forces in simple mechanical machines, Hooke law) and in Optics (lenses, light interference and diffraction).

Assessment methods and criteria

Lab report and oral examination

Reference books
Activity Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Laboratorio S. S. Mader BIOLOGIA: l’essenziale Piccin 2012
Laboratorio Paolo Fornasini The Uncertainty in Physical Measurements (An introduction to data analysis in the Physics Laboratory) Springer 2008 9780387786490
Teaching aids
Title Format (Language, Size, Publication date)
Electricity basics (Module III)  pdfpdf (en, 1454 KB, 24/06/14)
Grandezze fisiche e Teoria degli errori  pdfpdf (it, 981 KB, 24/06/14)
Optics and Thermology (Module IV)  pdfpdf (en, 7398 KB, 24/06/14)
Schede laboratorio (Module V)  pdfpdf (it, 1892 KB, 24/06/14)