Geographic and Multimedia information systems (2012/2013)

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Alberto Belussi
Alberto Belussi
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I semestre dal Oct 1, 2012 al Jan 31, 2013.

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Learning outcomes

This course has the objective to provide the students with the concepts and methodologies for the design and implementation of geographical and multimedia databases. In particular:
- A methodology for the conceptual modelling of a geographical database in GeoUML will be presented. GeoUML is a conceptual model for the design of spatial databases compatible with the ISO standards 19100.
- The mappings of a GeoUML conceptual schema onto geo-relational databases will be illustrated. Moreover, an extended version of the relational algebra for quering a geo-relational database will be analyzed.


The program includes:
- object oriented databases: ODMG, ODL and OQL standards
- conceptual modelling of an object oriented databases in UML and mapping a UML class diagram to ODL
- multimedia databases: representation, management and querying multimedia datasets
- geographical databases: spatial data characteristics and spatial relations
- conceptual modelling of geographical databases: the GeoUML model.
- logical modelling of geographical databases: mapping rules from GeoUML towards geo-relational models (Simple Feature Specification of OGC)
- query languages for geographical databases: a geo-relational algebra.

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Assessment methods and criteria

The exam is composed of a single written test.

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