Differential geometry and topology (2011/2012)

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Mauro Spera
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Teaching is organised as follows:
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Teoria 10 I semestre Mauro Spera
Esercitazioni 2 I semestre Nicola Sansonetto

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Learning outcomes

Educational objectives

Learning objectives

The course delves further into general topology and introduces the basic notions of algebraic
and differential topology, focussing on the concept of differentiable manifold. Furthermore, the
elements of Riemannian geometry will be introduced as well.
The course, suitable to both curricula (didactic and applied) will be quite concrete and based
on examples also coming from other areas of mathematics.


General topology (continued). Separation. Quotients.
Fundamental group. Covering spaces.
Differentiable manifolds.
De Rham's theory.
Riemannian manifolds.
Levi-Civita connection.
Curvature tensors (Riemann, sectional, Ricci, scalar).
Geodesics and their variational aspects.
Exponential map.
Lie groups. Symmetric spaces.
Riemann surfaces and algebraic curves.
Vector bundles, Euler's class and number, Euler-Poincare' characteristic.
The Poincare'-Hopf theorem.

Assessment methods and criteria

Exam methods

Written test, followed by an oral exam.

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