Logics and discrete mathematics (2011/2012)

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Andrea Masini
Andrea Masini
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II semestre dal Mar 1, 2012 al Jun 15, 2012.

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The main objective of this course is the introduction of the fundamental notions of symbolic logic (syntax, semantics, deductive systems) and of discrete mathematics (sets, functions, graphs, trees, structures).


Part 1 (3CFU) Discrete Mathematics

Sets: applications and functions, relations, equivalences, partitions, relation orders, cardinality, finite, denumerable and not denumerable sets, (Cantor's theorem), ordering of the cardinals;
Lattices: the concepts of inf and sup, complete lattices and Boolean lattices, lattices seen as an example of algebraic structures.
Graphs and trees, paths, Eulerian circuits, planar graphs and trees.

Part 2 (3CFU) Logic

Propositional language: propositions and connectives, truth tables, valuations;
Structures: notable examples, monoids, semigroups, natural numbers, graphs;
The language of the first order: Tarski semantics, logical consequence;
Natural Deduction.
Fundamental theorems of natural deduction: soundness (with proof) and completeness (only statement);
First order formalizations of properties.
Algebraic Structures: Sets equipped with an operation (examples: semigroups, monoids, monoids of words, groups, permutations), sets equipped with multiple operations (examples: rings, Boolean algebras). Homomorphisms and isomorphisms of structures.

Reference books
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