Computer Architecture (2009/2010)

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Franco Fummi
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Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff Timetable
Teoria 9 1st Semester, 2nd Semester Franco Fummi
Laboratorio [indirizzo generale] 3 1st Semester, 2nd Semester Nicola Bombieri
Laboratorio [indirizzo multimediale] 3 1st Semester, 2nd Semester Nicola Bombieri

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

This course presents the theoretical and practical knowledge to implement an algorithm into a digital architecture. Some design alternatives are presented ranging from a pure software, running on a general purpose computer, to an ad-hoc hardware implementation. This design knowledge is fundamental for understanding in depth all mechanisms on the base of any information computing system and all steps of a compilation chain transforming an high-level programming language into machine-level code.


Fundamentals: information coding, Boolean functions, arithmetic.

Digital devices design: combinational circuits, sequential circuits, controller-datapath circuits, programmable units.

Computer architecture: basic principles, instruction set, elaboration unit, memory hierarchy, I/O organization, actual architectures, parallel architectures.

Practical exercises: automatic design of a programmable system, assembly programming of the Intel 80X86 architecture.

Assessment methods and criteria

Theory compprehension is verified through a written examination which could be divided in two parts (each one at the end of the corresponding semester).
Practical skills are evaluated through two designs; their average mark is in the range 1-4 and it is added to the mark of the written examination.

Reference books
Activity Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Teoria Y.N. Patt, S.J. Patel Introduction to Computing Systems (Edizione 2) McGrawHill 2004 978-0-07-246750-5 Testo relativo al secondo semestre che copre tutti gli argomenti di architettura del calcolatore
Teoria Franco Fummi, Mariagiovanna Sami, Cristina Silvano Progettazione Digitale (Edizione 2) McGraw-Hill 2007 8838663521 Testo relativo al primo semestre che copre tutti gli argomenti di progettazione digitale
Teaching aids
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