PhD in Computer Science (last activated in 2013)

Admission to the Doctoral program

Admission of foreign candidates is based on the evaluation of an application package containing the items detailed in the following (for both Italian and foreign candidates):
  1. A curriculum vitae (CV) written in English and including all information that the candidate deems useful for the purpose of the admission procedure. The CV must include a complete description of all university degrees that the candidate already has, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, including for each degree:
    1. duration of the course of study and final grade, if applicable;
    2. a list of courses, including for each course a brief summary of the program and the final grade;
    3. a list of significant projects, especially final projects developed to achieve the degree, if applicable (e.g., master project in master programs without thesis);
    4. title, summary and adviser's name of the final thesis, if applicable (e.g., undergraduate thesis or micro-thesis or honors thesis at the undergraduate level, master thesis, at the graduate level).
  2. For each university degree already received by the candidate, an official transcript of all courses/exams taken, reporting the final grade of each exam.
  3. Scientific publications, if any.
  4. Other qualifications that the candidate considers relevant.
  5. Previous research experiences, duly certified.
  6. A motivation letter by the candidate (in which the candidate details their scientific and scholarly interests and motivation to pursue graduate education at the Doctoral level).
  7. Two presentation/reference letters (possibly released by professors of the university/universities that conferred the academic title/titles. The letters should be on official paper and enclosed in sealed envelopes, signed by the author across the seal.
The Call for Applications (bando per l'ammissione) to the 28th PhD cycle is available on the university's website.
The application deadline for the next cycle is August 24, 2012.
The Oral examination (on topics in the field of computer science in order to assess the candidates attitude for research) will take place on October 22, 2012.
For Foreign/Italian Candidates not resident in Italy, the Oral examination may take place in video conference call upon request by the candidate. In such case, the candidate must also include in the request an e-mail address and a skype contact to be used for the examination.

For information about applications contact the coordinator of the PhD Program in Computer Science (Prof. Luca Viganò) at the address luca dot vigano at univr dot it, where dot and at should be replaced by the appropriate symbols.