Online workshop on quantum computing and programming

Online workshop on quantum computing and programming

We invite you to apply for free and online workshop on quantum
computing and programming on November 23-28, 2020:

The workshop will cover the basics of probabilistic and quantum
systems, how to write basic quantum programs by using qiskit library,
superposition and measurement, quantum operators on a single quantum
bit and their visualizations, entanglement, the basic quantum
protocols superdense coding and quantum teleportation, and Grover's
search algorithm.

The workshop will be asynchronous and so the participants will be able
to work according to their own schedules. There will be daily review
lectures and mentoring support between 18:00 and 22:00 in Paris and
Tokyo time zones separately. The participants will be assigned
homework to easily trace their progress. Each successful participant
will receive a diploma.

During the workshop, we will use our tutorial Bronze (already used in
40+ workshops in 17 different countries), a task-based tutorial
consisting of around 30 Jupyter notebooks. The only prerequisites are
being able to write basic programs by python (i.e., loops and
conditionals) and knowing basic operations on matrices and vectors
(i.e., addition and multiplication).

Please contact for further information.
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Monday, November 16, 2020 - 4:43:32 PM
Online workshop on quantum computing and programming
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