Start of “Mathematics for Decisions 2020-21” course

Start of “Mathematics for Decisions 2020-21” course

With this year, Mathematics for Decisions welcomes master students from both Mathematics AND Informatics. The course is worth 6 credits for BOTH categories and is meant to practice with computational tools for optimization and modeling by working on projects.
In fact, Mathematics for Decisions aims at promoting active and cooperative learning among students, teachers and tutors.
Having people from different backgrounds will help in having a more dynamic environment and wider approach to the problems. Indeed, besides the toy exercise problems to illustrate and practice the tools proposed, we will indeed propose real problems/projects to work on in teams.

You will have the possibility to choose your main project from three different areas:

  +  problems proposed by small companies in the Verona's area (where stages and internships are also possible)

  +  scientific research problems (relating to research's agendas by our department in Verona and/or other academic realities we are in contact with)

  +  teaching and society

Among the tools we will propose and actively use:

  + AMPL and Gurobi, both as for continuous optimization (linear and non-linear programming) to face optimization and management problems, and for discrete optimization (integer linear programming) to face combinatorial optimization problems.
  + MiniZinc (constraint programming)
  + GSAT (SAT-solvers)
  + NetLogo (agent based simulation)

The calendar timeslots are: Tuesday (15:20-17:00), Friday (14:30-16:10).

Our meetings will take place in telematic starting on Tuesday 13 October.
To keep us in contact and get more details, the Telegram group:
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Start of “Mathematics for Decisions 2020-21” course
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