PhD in Computer Science

PhD Course on "Sage Math"

January 20 - 23

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 We plan to cover the following topics (details depend on background of students):
- Start using SAGE: the command line and the notebook interfaces. The SAGE cloud. The help system. Start using the system for simple calculations.
- Simple data types: numbers, strings and booleans. Composite data types: lists, tuples, dictionaries, sets, vectors, matrices. Basic linear algebra.
- Basic programming constructs in SAGE/python: conditionals, loops and functions. Indentation.
- Put it all together: some simple programs in various topics: graphs, algebra, analysis and elementary number theory.
- Plotting functions, curves and geometric figures. Interactive plots.
- Some advanced mathematical topics:  differential equations, abstract algebra, algebraic number theory.
- Some advanced programming concepts: object-oriented programming and functional elements in SAGE/python.
- Put it together: build a more sophisticated program solving a non-trivial task in your area of expertise.


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