PhD in Computer Science

PhD Course on "Patenting in Europe"

26-27 september 2016

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Module 1: September 26 – 14-18 Room F – Cà Vignal 1

How to protect your inventions: patents, utility models, trade secrets
A patent: a contract between the inventor and the public
The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property
The Patent Systems of the IP5 Offices  - a short overview
The European Patent Convention and the EPO
How to get a Patent in Europe - Choosing a route: National, European, or International (PCT)
The European Patent System - Patentability

Module 2: September 27 – h.9-13 Room Verde – Cà Vignal 2
Preparing and filing a European patent application
The European patent grant procedure
The principal aspects of substantive examination
Exclusion and exceptions – medical methods, computer implemented  inventions, biotech
Case studies 
Patent classification schemes (IPC, CPC) - How to search for patents


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