PhD in Computer Science

Quantum Computing

September 2019


Academic staff
Alessandra Di Pierro

Series to which this belongs

34° ciclo
35° ciclo


In this course we provide an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Quantum Computing. The course is structured in two parts. The first part introduces the essential notion of qubit and the theory of computation and computability based on it. Starting with the explanation of the basics of quantum mechanics (including finite dimensional Hilbert spaces and their tensor products), we concentrate here on detailed discussions of some key algorithms and protocols such as Grover's search algorithm, Shor's factorisation algorithm and quantum teleportation. The second part aims at giving an overview of two important topics in quantum computation namely Quantum Machine Learning and Quantum Programming. The course also provides demonstration sessions, where typical quantum behaviour at the base of quantum interference and quantum cryptography will be illustrated via experiments in lab.