Series of seminars

Seminari Moduli ALGebre e Anelli (MALGA)

Lidia Angeleri
Questo ciclo di seminari è organizzato congiuntamente dall'Università di Verona e dall'Università di Padova.

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Seminars which have already taken place
Date Time Title Supervisor
2/9/17 4:30 PM Sala Riunioni II piano Negative Calabi-Yau triangulated categories Raquel Coelho Simoes - University of Lisbon
11/11/16 3:00 PM Sala Riunioni II piano Averaging of t-structures and extension closure of aisles David Pauksztello - Universita' di Verona
11/11/16 4:30 PM Sala Riunioni II piano TTF-triples in silting theory Jorge Vitória - City University London
7/6/16 3:00 PM Hammocks via the defect of a short exact sequence Markus Schmidmeier - Florida Atlantic University
7/6/16 4:15 PM Leavitt path algebras are Bezout Francesca Mantese - Università di Verona
5/31/16 3:30 PM Sala Riunioni II piano Morita equivalences in modular representation theory Andrei Marcus - Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca
4/13/16 3:30 PM aula L Computing Krull-Gabriel dimension in module and derived categories Mike Prest - University of Manchester
4/13/16 5:00 PM aula L Very flat and contraadjusted modules Jan Trlifaj - Charles University Prague
2/17/16 4:00 PM Aula M Harish-Chandra modules over SL(2,R) and their silting complexes Wassilij Gnedin - University of Stuttgart
2/17/16 5:15 PM Aula M A finite type result for silting modules Frederik Marks - University of Stuttgart / Verona
1/13/16 4:00 PM Aula M A simultaneous generalization of mutation and recollement on a triangulated category Hiroyuki Nakaoka - Université de Picardie-Jules Verne
1/13/16 5:15 PM Aula M n-version of Happel Reiten Smalø tilting theorem and applications Luisa Fiorot - Università di Padova
6/24/15 3:00 PM aula L Extensions of Chen simple modules over Leavitt path algebras Francesca Mantese - Università di Verona
6/24/15 4:30 PM aula L Length functions in Grothendieck categories Simone Virili - Università di Padova
3/18/15 5:00 PM aula H Krull Without Zorn Peter Schuster - Universita di Verona
10/20/14 4:00 PM Sala Riunioni II piano Higher dimensional tilting modules and homological subcategories Hongxing Chen - Università di Stoccarda
5/14/14 3:00 PM Sala Riunioni II piano Silting theory Jorge Vitória - Università di Verona
5/14/14 4:30 PM Sala Riunioni II piano Silting modules and ring epimorphisms Frederik Marks - University of Stuttgart
1/14/14 3:00 PM Sala Riunioni II piano Direct limits in the heart of the t-structure of Happel-Reiten-Smalø Carlo Parra - Università di Murcia
1/14/14 4:30 PM Sala Riunioni II piano T-structures of Happel-Reiten-Smalø whose hearts are module categories Manolo Saorin - Università di Murcia
11/12/13 3:00 PM Sala Riunioni II piano Prime ideals in Noetherian polynomial and power series integral domains Sylvia Wiegand - University of Nebraska
11/12/13 4:30 PM Sala Riunioni II piano Torsion in tensor products and vanishing of Tor Roger Wiegand - University of Nebraska
3/6/13 3:00 PM aula B Localisations of rings in representation theory I and II Frederik Marks and Jorge Vitória - University of Stuttgart
3/15/12 Silting objects and t-structures in derived categories I,II,III Qunhua Liu, Jorge Vitoria, Dong Yang - University of Stuttgart
1/31/12 3:00 PM in Sala Riunioni Characterizations of homological ring epimorphisms Changchang Xi - Capital/Beijing Normal University
1/31/12 4:30 PM in Sala Riunioni Tilting classes and Grothendieck categories Enrico Gregorio - Università di Verona
6/14/11 3:00 PM Symmetric powers, Brauer algebras and Schur algebras Steffen König - Università di Stoccarda
6/14/11 4:30 PM Geometric model for tube categories Karin Baur - ETH Zürich
6/14/11 5:45 PM Bounded t-structures for piecewise hereditary algebras Qunhua Liu - Università di Stoccarda
4/7/11 3:00 PM Recollements of derived categories arising from infinitely generated tilting modules Changchang Xi - Beijing Normal University
4/7/11 4:30 PM Weighted projective lines and nilpotent operators Dirk Kussin - Università di Verona
1/13/11 4:00 PM Small abelian categories and spectra (Seminario Padova-Verona MALGA: moduli, algebre, anelli) Mike Prest - Università di Manchester
1/13/11 5:30 PM A counterexample to Rosický’s conjecture (Seminario Padova-Verona MALGA: moduli, algebre, anelli) Silvana Bazzoni - Università di Padova