Domenico Daniele Bloisi

Foto,  February 9, 2017
Temporary Assistant Professor
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Course Name Total credits Online Teacher credits Modules offered by this teacher
Master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering Robotics (2017/2018)   6   

Topic Description Research area
Computer Vision Investigation of computational tools for the analysis of images and videos, with main goal of extracting useful information. In particular, 2D/3D object classification, 3D reconstruction, person detection and classification, video analysis and understanding, activity recognition, and in biometrics (face recognition and authentication, facial feature extraction, multimodal biometrics, behavioural biometrics) with application in video surveillance and biomedical image analysis. Sistemi intelligenti
Computing methodologies - Artificial intelligence
Multiagent Systems Design and development of multiagent systems, where intelligent agents can interact among them and with the environment. Main research topics include: task assignment, distributed constraint optimization, decentralized optimization, decentralized reinforcement learning, cooperative perception. Sistemi intelligenti
Computing methodologies - Artificial intelligence
Video Surveillance and Monitoring This research aims at the analysis of people and the interpretation/recognition of human activities, possibly at the detection and prediction of events in unconstrained scenes, at individual, group and crowd level. In particular, the main target is on the analysis of nonverbal human behaviour, activities, and dialogue classification by considering vocal behavior, face & gazing, gesture & posture, space & environment. More specifically, the focus is on tracking and re-identification, object/person detection and classification, human pose estimation and activity recognition, automatic PTZ camera control, subjective surveillance, mobile sensing, data fusion. Sistemi intelligenti
Computing methodologies - Artificial intelligence