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Research groups
Name Description
REGIS: Research Group in Information Security Studio e sviluppo di metodologie formali per l'analisi, l'ottimizzazione, la certificazione, la robustezza e la sicurezza di sistemi software complessi

Research products

Type of item
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publications on 10 total

Title Starting date
Generalizing Truth-Functionality: GeTFun 1/1/13
SPaCIoS: Secure Provision and Consumption in the Internet of Services 10/1/10
Modelli e tecniche di analisi formale per la sicurezza dei sistemi software (PRIN 2007) 9/22/08
AVANTSSAR - Automated Validation of Trust and Security of Service-oriented Architectures 1/1/08

Teachings in the last two academic years
Department/Faculty Name Total credits Online Teacher credits Modules offered by this teacher
Department Computer Science  Software Engineering (2013/2014)   6  eLearning

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