Daniele Menossi

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October 31, 2017


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Research groups

LAPS (Laboratory for Photovoltaics and Solid State Physics)
The lab has is core business on the preparation, fabrication and characterization of second generation thin film solar cells. CdTe thin film solar cells with efficiencies exceeding 15% have been fabricated, also flexible solar cells deposited on polymer foils with more than 10% efficiency have been made. The laboratory is equipped with many different vacuum deposition machines, and electrical and morphological characterization instruments. The laboratory has also a new different area on the characterization on biological samples and nanostructures by atomic force microscopy.
Title Starting date
Tin Film SnS solar cells by Ionized Jet Deposition - Joint Projects 2015 3/1/16
TINJET - Tin Sulphide solar cells by Ionized Jet Deposition 11/1/15