Advanced Data Base Systems (2019/2020)

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Alberto Belussi
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Teoria 5 I semestre Alberto Belussi

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Laboratorio 1 I semestre Alberto Belussi

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Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding: The goal of this course is to provide the student with the knowledge and understanding of the theoretical, methodological and technological main concepts related to database systems and their use for the management of biomedical and bioinformatics data and information. Applying knowledge and understanding: The student will be able to a) define through a formal model the structure and the features of complex data collections; b) specify queries on complex data through different query languages; c) understand the advanced requirements for the management of biomedical information. Making judgements: The student will acquire the capability of autonomously evaluate different design options for complex systems, and of autonomously propose effective solutions in the application domain related to biomedicine and bioinformatics. Communication: The student will be also able to interact with different stakeholders in multidisciplinary teams, having different skills and backgrounds in biomedicine and bioinformatics. Lifelong learning skills: The student will acquire the capability of learning new methodologies and technologies related to data management and applying them in the biomedical/bioinformatics domain.

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