Physics (2015/2016)

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Claudia Daffara
Claudia Daffara
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II semestre dal Mar 1, 2016 al Jun 10, 2016.

Lesson timetable

II semestre
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Wednesday 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall Gino Tessari  
Thursday 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall Gino Tessari  

Learning outcomes

The course provides the basic knowledge of Classical Physics, covering principles and laws of Mechanics, Electromagnetism, and an introduction to wave phenomena.



- Introduction to Classical/Modern Physics. Scientific method, measurement and physical quantities.
- Kinematics of material points: translational motion and 2-D kinematics. Vectors position, velocity, acceleration. Free fall, parabolic motion, circolar motion, harmonic motion.
- Dynamics of material points: principle of inertia and concept of force, Newton's Laws and application to motion dynamics. Weight, centripetal force, elastic force, constraint forces, friction. (Examples of application)
- Work and energy. Work-energy theorem. Conservative force and potential energy. Conservation of energy. (Examples of application)
- Momentum and impulse, angolar momentum, torque.
- Dynamics of systems of particles. Center of mass. Momentum, angular momentum, kinetic energy. König's theorems. Conservation laws. Collision theory elastic/inelastic
- Dynamics of rigid body. Moment of inertia. Steiner's theorem.
- Oscillations: harmonic oscillator, superposition of harmonic motions: interference and beats.


- Electric charge, electric force, electric field.
- Electric potential energy, electric potential.
- Gauss law. (Examples of application)
- Conductors in equilibrium. Capacitors. Energy of electric field.
- Dielectrics.
- Electrical conduction: classical microscopic model. Ohm law.
- Magnetic poles and magnetic interactions.
- Lorentz force, charges in motion. (Examples of application). Magnetic force on a current-currying wire. Torque on a current loop. Laplace II° law.
- Sources of magnetic field. Laplace I° law. Ampere law. (Examples of application)
- Faraday law and electromagnetic induction.
- Magnetic properties of matter and dipoles: diamagnetism, paramagnetis, ferromagnetism.
Energy of magnetic field.
- Maxwell's equations.

OPTICS (elements)

Electromagnetic waves.


P. Mazzoldi, M. Nigro, C. Voci
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ISBN 9788879594189

P. Mazzoldi, M. Nigro, C. Voci
Elementi di Fisica Vol. 2 - Elettromagnetismo e Onde
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Assessment methods and criteria

Written and oral.