Master's degree in Medical Bioinformatics


Master's degree representative: Prof. Giugno Rosalba.

The goal of the Master Degree in Medical Bioinformatics is to train graduates able to perform executive and coordination functions in the areas of design, development, management and maintenance of information systems in medicine, biology and health systems, with particular regard on biomedical oriented complex software innovation in science and technology for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, to complex information systems for the management of clinical and bioinformatic data bases, software for processing medical and biological data in clinical decision support systems, health information systems with heterogeneous and complex architectures, visual interfaces for bioinformatics. To that objective, the Master Degree in Medical Bioinformatics will provide the theoretical basis, methodological and technological multi- and inter- disciplinary needs to address the problems related to the design, analysis and development of intelligent systems in complex bioinformatics and medical informatics.
The specific educational objectives of the degree course can be articulated as follows:

  • Theoretical, methodological, experimental and applied knowledge in the core areas of computer science, with particular reference to the application domains of biology and medicine
  • Knowledge of techniques and methodologies in data and processes design for the development of computer systems in medical and bioinformatics-genomic;
  • Knowledge of information systems, analysis and mining of bioinformatics and medical data;
  • Knowledge of the main software platforms, sequencing techniques, bioinformatics data bases for public use and the used standards for the representation and communication of data;
  • Ability to design, implement and integrate software modules for genome analysis and web services implementation oriented to the management of biological and clinical data;
  • Ability to identify the components and tools suitable for the treatment of complex problems of bioinformatics and medical informatics, where interdisciplinary skills must be integrated.

For the internationality of the scientific, technical and economic aspects of informatics and its applications in Medicine and Health Systems, the training will be entirely offered in English. 
The tutoring activity is aimed at guiding, informing and assisting the students of the course, and is entrusted to tutors, who are assigned different tasks. To contact a tutor, please contact the counselor for tutoring, Prof. Alessandro Farinelli.
For informations:
Please note that all notices relating to the teaching organization of the course can be consulted on the bulletin board of U.O. Didattica Studenti Scienze e Ingegneria.

Course details

Postgraduate and Master's programmes
2 years
LM-18 - Classe delle lauree magistrali in Informatica
Controlling body
Collegio Didattico di Informatica
Amministrazione Collegi del Dipartimento di Informatica
Reference Department
Computer Science
Macro area
Science and Engineering


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