Bachelor's degree in Bioinformatics


Head of the Course: Prof. Ferdinando Cicalese

The Degree in Bioinformatics integrates knowledge of programming, algorithms, systems and architectures, and computer science fundamentals, with basic knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry and biology, such as cell biology. This combination provides the necessary training to work in a new cutting edge field at the forefront of computer science and biology which, for example, has made human genome sequencing possible. The programme provides the skills needed to work in applied computer science for medicine and biology, sectors which are increasingly using information technology for tasks such as accessing genomic databases and analysing data from biotechnology laboratories. The degree programme lays the foundation to address specific topics in advanced bioinformatics that will have a growing impact on medicine and natural sciences in the years to come, for example: modelling and simulation of biological processes, drug development and innovative treatments, and understanding biomolecular phenomena.
The tutoring activity is aimed at guiding, informing and assisting the students of the course, and is entrusted to tutors, who are assigned different tasks. To contact a tutor, please contact the counselor for tutoring, Prof. Alessandro Farinelli.
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Please note that all notices relating to the teaching organization of the course can be consulted on the bulletin board of U.O. Didattica Studenti Scienze e Ingegneria.

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3 years
L-31 - Classe delle lauree in scienze e tecnologie informatiche
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Collegio Didattico di Informatica
Amministrazione Collegi del Dipartimento di Informatica
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Operational unit Teaching office for Science and Engineering students
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Computer Science
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